Any library is designed to hold a large amount of information in a way that is organized and fairly easy to access. Imagine walking into your local library in search of a cookbook. You know you will need to walk to the non-fiction section. A library organized by the Dewey decimal system will have all the cookbooks together filed under the 614’s. This will make your search much more simple rather than checking all the shelves you see. By having an idea of what you’re looking for and where to go you will speed your search and…

A Hard Link in the Chain

In order to access a file in Linux, you need a link. The link serves as the doorway to enter the file- just as you can’t enter a building without a door, you cannot enter a file without a link. There are two types of links that serve this purpose: a symbolic link and a hard link. These links appear very similar but serve as two opposite ways to access the information you have created in Linux.

A symbolic link is a link to the file you created. It is direct access to the…

Learning a language takes time, practice, and patience. You must learn in small portions before authoring the next great American novel becomes an option. When you are writing a sentence, you must know the meaning of each word included and how they work together to form a thought. Similarly, in the language of coding, in order to find out what happens when you type ls*.c into your shell, you must first understand what each command means.

Let’s begin with ls. This is what you would type in order to list all the commands in your directory. You would want to…

Hector Lozano

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